Branded Towelettes:
Perfect for Everyone

As a welcoming amenity or a refreshing parting gift

map of shell gas station

Map your locations
Announce a new store!

Make it easy for them to show friends.

Sporting Events,
Shows & Festivals

Everyone likes easy cleanup after a snack.

Limited restroom facilities make these essential!

Product Image
Product Image

Plenty of space
for co-marketing!

Unique design on each side.

Share the cost and hand out more!  

Paper coupons are easy to lose.

Your customers will keep these!

Product Image
The Handout for all occasions

Restaurants, Catered Events, Stadiums, Meetings, Coffee Bars & more!

The Perfect Take-along

The marketing message on the packaging goes along with them!

Giveaway Prices

Inexpensive, with plenty of real estate for photos and impactful text.